The Real Milk

About real milk

Milk is only ‘real milk’ if it is grass fed and unhomogenised. We sell both Real Milk (pasteurised) and Real Raw Milk (unpasteurised). Please visit the campaign for real milk site for more information by clicking here. We sell real milk skimmed, semi skimmed and whole. Real raw milk is available as skimmed, semi skimmed and whole however to gain the benefits of whole raw milk we recommend adding water to whole raw milk to give a balanced lower fat content if required.

Homogenisation is processing the milk so that the fat globules in milk are broken down so they stay integrated rather than separating as cream. It is now believed that homogenisation is a serious health risk and in particular regards to cholesterol. Generic milk has to be homogenised due to the severe processing it has gone through, which can make any remaining cream settle and turn solid.

We gently process our milk only if required and therefore do not need to perform harmful homogenisation. Whilst we understand why most milk bought is semi skimmed it is a processed product. Cream is no longer believed to be bad for you as long as it is not homogenised, it carries the essentials for our diet (see We do, however, sell skimmed & semi skimmed milk.

Most people who convert to whole real milk and especially whole real raw milk feel not only less bloated but also less hungry.

People who believe they are lactose intolerant can in fact drink real raw milk, as it still contains the lactase enzyme, which aids digestion of lactose (it is killed during pasteurisation). Why drink so called probiotics when raw milk already contains such. In fact, raw milk has its own proven defence mechanism. Trials show raw milk can actively reduce and kill harmful bacteria. Don’t take our word for it, do your own research on raw milk benefits.

There are plenty of national companies out there who want you to think it's unsafe. Why? Because they are not allowed to sell it. It can only be sold by farmers who meet strict criteria direct to the consumer and thus giving possibly the shortest supply chain of any superfood.

Whilst milk is classed as a super food, our milk is also naturally enriched with selenium through our cows diet. Trials have shown this type of milk is the best way of ensuring the human body receives enough selenium, as 80% of the population is believed to be short of selenium.

The natural selenium our cows are fed is converted into a bioavailablity type in the milk which is superior to mineral supplements. Don’t take our word for it - research “selenium enriched milk reduces cancer”. This is not something we have jumped onto as a sales gimmick, we have been producing milk naturally enriched with selenium for over 15 years.

We knew it was good for ours cows then, and now it is proven that the milk produced from our cows is the best way of ensuring we receive enough organic selenium.

Real raw milk is not available in shops, only direct from farmers who are licensed by the Food Standards Agency. It is one of the fastest growing foods Worldwide and has many health benefits.

We all know processed foods are bad for us – nearly all dairies heavily process their milk which destroys its natural taste and texture, reduces its goodness, and all the beneficial good bacteria.

Did you know that heavily pasteurising milk kills most of the good bacteria and lactase enzymes, making it indigestible for some people (who think they are lactose intolerant). Try our REAL RAW MILK – it may suit you!

We do understand not all of you want to have unpasteurised milk so we can gently pasteurise it for you. It will still be unhomogenised, so, like the raw milk it will have a cream line – if it’s not your thing just give it a gentle shake to mix it up.

Real Raw Milk Risks

We are licensed by the Food Standards Agency to sell raw milk, they test our milk every 3 months. We are red tractor farm assured. We hygene test our milk everyday. Our cows have to be regularly tested for disease. We pay special attention to the cleanliness of our cows. The cows teats and dairy are kept scrupulously clean. The milk is filtered and chilled immediately after each milking. It then remains chilled until delivery via our refrigerated vehicles. Every spring we offer our new customers a “The Real Milk Co” cool box for your doorstep to ensure quality and shelf life is maintained during warmer weather.

If you trawl the internet you will find various opinions about the safety of raw milk. Opinions are opinions, but facts are facts. Whilst we have to state raw milk “may” contain harmful bacteria on the label, government figures show you are 35000 times more likely to get sick from eating other foods than you are from raw milk! Do you think the Food Standards Agency would allow it’s sale if there was even a slight risk?

Not convinced? Why not try our pasteurised Real Milk, which is still a premium product compared to generic milk. Do you think that the milk delivered by the milkman is expensive? Think again some customers add 20-30% water to our Real Raw Milk making it cheaper than supermarket milk whilst remaining unprocessed and still far tastier and nutritionally superior than generic milk. Our Real Milk can more than likely be delivered to you cheaper than your existing doorstep delivery and we believe realistically far more convenient and cost effective than going to the shop for it.